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Vintage Star Wars die cast toys


The die cast Rebel Armoured Snowspeeder featured retractable landing gear and a swivelling 'laser canon' - otherwise known as the harpoon gun used to disable the mighty AT-AT. The die cast Snowspeeder was a perfect scale for attacking the 3 and 3/4" AT AT, being able to manoeuvre through the larger vehicle's legs in order to bring it down with a harpoon and cable.

Unlike the detailed figures in the Cloud Car and Slave 1 - the Snowspeeder was piloted by two plain orange figures, presumably Luke and the unfortunately short-lived Dak.

Photo art of prototype Snowspeeder used with permission of Kim D M Simmons / the man who shot Luke Skywalker.

The Snowspeeder was only released by Kenner and could be found on the ESB11A, ESB11AY and C in the US, and the ESB11A in Canada.


Kenner Canada ESB11A

Sears mailer with an ESB11CN Snowspeeder, courtesy of Marc Kuin


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