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Vintage Star Wars die cast toys


Reflecting a change also seen in the 41 back action figure cards, the multi-coloured 11 back was replaced with a plain blue back featuring all 11 die cast ships. In the little known Kenner spelling bee of 1981 the Action Figure team won, with ’Landspeeder’ and ‘Snowspeeder’ replacing ‘Land Speeder’ and ‘Snow Speeder’ on the die cast cardbacks. The ever present ‘kid-sized’ blasters were the only other toy line featured.

The ESB11C van be found with a 'U' (Made in Hong Kong), 'MB' (Made in Macau) or no letter (Made in Hong Kong) printed in the bottom right of the racetrack. The no letter example (ESB11C N) seems rarest. Slave 1 and the Snowspeeder can be found on all cards but as yet no examples of Made in Macau Cloud Cars (ESB11C MB) have been recorded.





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