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Thanks for visiting The websites below are full of useful information on many other areas of Vintage Star Wars collecting and are well worth a visit.


Star Wars The Vintage Rebellion - a monthly podcast from great bunch of lads talking all things vintage Star Wars. Check out Episode 21 for a die cast plug!

Rebel Force Radio - A weekly show from Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank who talk all things Star Wars. Star Wars Oxygen, Star Wars Influences and Star Wars Rebels Declassified are regular features, always informative and always good fun.

Jedi News Network - A UK slant on all things Star Wars and plenty of input from Steve Sansweet the original Star Wars collector.

The Star Wars Collectors Archive - the original vintage Star Wars collecting podcast from Skye Paine and Stephen B. Danley.

Useful References

An inspiration to us all here at and for all your tri-logo information visit

The best reference site for spotting reproduction weapons and accessories

For a full list of all Palitoy cardback variations

And for those Kenner variations and the Kellerman Matrices visit

For something completely different and lots of tin robots visit

If you want more from The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker then go to

Vintage Star Wars Forums

Ten years and counting - the home of scum and villainy

Another friendly place and the resource for variations

The new kids on the block

The original place to be and a wealth of stories and scandals of old



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