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Vintage Star Wars die cast toys


The Y-Wing, Millennium Falcon and Imperial Cruiser were too large to be supported by a blister card, and were released in blister boxes around the time of the release of the Darth Vader TIE Fighter. Despite their near simultaneous release the Darth Vader TIE was included in Series 1, whilst the larger ships were Series 2.

The backs of the boxes did not feature any action figures but like the 21 backs featured the full range of the die cast ships, with the Imperial TIE fighter now also replacing TIE Fighter.

The photos were still those of the prototypes for the Series 2 ships – despite their obvious difference form the actual toy, but 'Millennium' was now corrected.

The upper part of the box art detailed features of each ship, and one of the most obvious Quality Control oversights of the entire Kenner line. The text describing the Imperial Cruiser as ‘the Empire’s largest Space Craft’ was repeated on the boxes for the Y-Wing and the Millennium Falcon. The boxes are the first example of Kenner using both ‘diecast’ and ‘die cast’ on the packaging.



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