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General Mills

Examples of Kenner carded Star Wars figures and die cast ships have been found in Germany with General Mills blue dot or 'blaupunkt' quality control stickers placed on the card front.

Like the Meccano stickers found on Series 1 Clipper die cast card fronts in France, these General Mills stickers provided the address of the German distributor for Kenner. The address was presumably needed in the event that there were any issues with the product or stock had to be returned.

So far the stickers have only been found on two Series 3 ships, Slave 1 and the Twin Pod Cloud Car, but it is likely that the Snowspeeder was also similarly labelled.

These stickers can also be found on 1970s Star Wars card backs for the 3 and 3/4 inch line, and it is feasible that the sticker was placed on Series 1 and 2 ships as well. Keep your eyes peeled!


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