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Vintage Star Wars die cast toys


The Empire Strikes Back packaging was subsequently updated following the release of the Series 3 Twin-pod Cloud Car, Snow Speeder and Slave 1. The cardbacks featured the 11 die cast ships with each series of toys in three separate colour blocks, as well as featuring the ever present ‘kid-sized' blasters - now featuring ESB logos. The cardback also feature the Hoth Ice Planet and Imperial Attack Base playsets, and the Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer and Snowspeeder for the action figure line. The Action Figure and Die Cast branches of Kenner seemed to disagree on the spelling of Snow Speeder – is it one word or two?

The first issue ESB11A card erroneously omitted 'Y-Wing Fighter' and instead featured a sticker next to the Y-Wing with the corrected text.

An example of the ESB11AY has been found without the sticker, but at this time it is unknown whether the error was corrected with a sticker prior to the initial release of the cardback or after some 'blank' cardbacks had made it to stores. In either case examples of ESB11AY cards with and without the Y-Wing sticker can be found.

ESB11AY cardback without Y-Wing sticker courtesy of Sulaiman Latiff


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