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The Millennium Falcon is at a smaller scale than the Series 1 ships, with a die cast top and plastic base it is piloted by a brown moulded Han and Chewie. Its action features comprise retractable landing gear and rotating quad-guns and radar dish.


Only released by Kenner and Palitoy, the Falcon and Y-Wing are incorrectly described as 'the Empire's largest Space Craft' on the SW7A issue boxes and Special Offer boxes. Kenner corrected this error for the release of the SW7B boxes, adding 'Han Solo's Millennium Falcon Spaceship.'

This change didn't last long with the text amended to 'Han Solo's Space Cruiser' on the ESB7 box, the text now matching the description on the front of all the released boxes.



PalSW11MF 1PalSW11MF 2
Palitoy SW7A



SW7A Canadian Millennium Falcon courtesy Todd Thornhill

Special Offer Millennium Falcon image courtesy of Jake Arellano


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