Y-Wing Fighter

The die cast Y-Wing Fighter is an authentically styled ship and is all about action! The ship has a die cast body with plastic engine pods and guns, and a button behind the cockpit that releases a red bomb. Further action features include removable engine pods, rotating guns and retractable landing gear.

Original photo art (# 0463H) used with permission of Kim D M Simmons / the man who shot Luke Skywalker.



The Y-Wing was only released by Kenner in the US in the SW7A, Special Offer, SW7B and ESB7 boxes, and in Canada in the SW7 box. The Y Wing was also released in the UK by Palitoy in the SW7 box. Notably the first Star Wars releases had the erroneous 'Empire's largest Space Craft' text on the back of the box, which was only corrected on the SW7B and ESB7 boxes.

SW7ASpecial OfferESB7 photo © Frank Bray www.finalfrontiertoys.com Palitoy SW7ACanadian SW7A