X-Wing Fighter

The X-Wing Fighter comprised a die cast body with plastic wings, guns, and cockpit. It's action features were an opening cockpit revealing a somewhat crude representation of Luke Skywalker, and wings that opened in the 'X' position - or as Kenner put it the 'X-WINGS open and close!'

The die cast and 3 and 3/4" scale X-Wings have the markings of Biggs Darklighter's Red Three. It appears that the toy designers only had access to the reference image printed in the Art of Star Wars.

Original X-Wing photo art (#0463NA) used with permission of Kim D M Simmons / the man who shot Luke Skywalker

Along with the TIE Fighter The X-Wing was released on more alternative cardbacks than any other line - it looks most striking with the red of the ESB31 cardback.

SW12SW21ESB31Takara SW12Palitoy SW12Clipper SW12 X-Wing photo courtesy of Michael GohlkeHarbert SW12Kenner Canada SW12 X-Wing photo courtesy of Bill KennedyKenner Canada SW20Toltoys SW12Mailer