Twin-Pod Cloud Car

Whilst unlikely to win any popularity contests the Twin-Pod Cloud Car is a faithful replica of the Bespin border control vehicle. Its lack of action features was reflected on its cardfront - the Cloud Car is the only ship on a blister card to feature just one action feature image.

Its action feature was...retractable landing gear! Although after a few plays, much like its larger 3 and 3/4" scale cousin, that action feature soon stopped working, and became 'non-supporting landing gear'. Despite its lack of playability the Cloud Car does feature two very authentically painted Cloud Car pilots - a far cry from the crude figures of the Series 1 ships.

The first of the Series 3 ships, the Twin-Pod Cloud was only released by Kenner and could be found on the ESB11A and ESB11C cards in the US and the ESB11A card in Canada. So far no examples of the cloud car have been found on the ESB11AY. The ESB11AY had a sticker correcting the text next to the Y-Wing. As the cloud car was the first release of the Series 3 ships it seems likely that it was released on the ESB11AY like the later Snowspeeder and Slave 1. If anyone has an example of this cardback please let us know.


Kenner Canada ESB11A

Although the Empire Strikes Back die cast ships can only be found on Kenner cardbacks, ships exported to Germany can be found with a blue General Mills sticker added to the card front. German General Mills ESB11C

Sears mailer with ESB11CU Twin-Pod Cloud Car, courtesy of Marc Kuin