Slave 1

The second of the series 3 releases, Slave 1 featured two action features and a painted Boba Fett figure in the cockpit. The first feature was rotating wings which, like the 3 and 3/4" scale ship, were designed to always remain level. The second feature was the swivelling rear laser canon.

The ship itself was a plain grey die cast shell with plastic base, wings and guns and featured little of the colour seen on its larger cousin or the model used in the Empire Strikes Back.

Photo art used with permission of Kim D M Simmons / the man who shot Luke Skywalker.

Slave 1 was only released by Kenner in the US and Canada and was released on the ESB11A, ESB11AY and ESB11C in the US and ESB11A in Canada.

ESB11AKenner Canada ESB11A